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McBride & Bennett

This company is named after the maiden names of the mothers of the two founders.  Besides, it sounds really good.

Pat Bleil sometimes uses the name Ann McBride. When she worked for another company they did not want any confusion so she pretended to be someone else.
Gordon Bleil, which is pronounced as if it were spelled BLYLE, often uses the name of Gordon Bennett. Nobody seems to be able to spell or pronounce his last name so he uses his middle name which is also his mother’s maiden name.

Gordon BleilGordon Bennett Bleil

Chairman and CEO

Gordon was the host of a weekly radio show entitled Money. Jobs. Health and other Issues of Life on VoiceAmerica.com. On that show he interviewed authors and experts on a variety of life’s subjects.

He is also the author of an online course in financial education entitled The Path to Financial Freedom where he teaches the basics of finance in four one hour segments. The course closely follows the book by the same name which is due to be released in early 2013.

His earlier book Give Yourself a Raise; How to Have Less Stress, More Money and Financial Freedom is currently available and is further described on this site.

Gordon has held a wide variety of positions in industry, banking, and education including founding and operating an educational publishing company.

Gordon holds an MBA in finance from USC.

Pat BleilPatricia A. Bleil, Ph.D.


Pat is currently the Chair of the School of Management Studies, Director of the MBA program and Assistant Professor at Eastern University. She teaches corporate communications, research design, statistics, leadership and marketing. Her expertise is in the area of corporate communications, women’s leadership, and mentoring of executive women — an area where she has done extensive research.

Previously, for over two decades, Pat was employed by a Fortune’s 100 company as a vice president of sales. She supervised over 600 employees and was responsible for over $1 billion in sales. This experience has given her deep skills in sales management including recruiting, training, supervising, and incentivizing salespeople.

Pat is also an accomplished speaker with a unique ability to connect with her audience as she shares her experiences in corporate America. Her degree from University of California at Berkeley is in dramatic arts. She is currently accepting limited engagements or presentations.